Snap Traps for Mice: Types, Setup and checklist with safety measures

Snap Trap

What is snap trap?

A trap which is designed for catch the rodent animal in a harm way, because when rodents like mice or rat contact the bait that place in trap then it captures by hard snap or hit. It is made with wooden and plastic.

To attract the mice or rat into use the bait as lure to contact the trap on setup. It is different from other traps it kills on capture.

Different types of snap traps:

The snap mouse trap which is first evolved with the traditional model of wooden trap base and the metal pedal for bait placement. It is mostly used to capture mice by almost all over the world.

No one has forget about the snap trap, when someone says or talk about mouse trap means there is remembrance of snap trap has been come through their mind.The snap trap which is evolved into next level by advance in the change of spring bar on hold the mouse bait and it releases to snap on capturing the mice or rat.

Difference between Traditional snap trap and modern snap trap

Traditional snap trap

Modern snap trap

Trapping mechanism of setup the bar to its position is little bit of risk.

In advance or modern snap trap there is risk free of operation by just one click for trap setup.

Sometimes it actually hurts by snap the finger who is try to set a trap.

No harm here on setup trap.

The bait holder for this old snap trap which is designed in metal trigger pedal, but it is not easy to place bait as well as cannot expect 100% result when mice contact it.

​Whereas here there is no need to worry for bait placement it is easy to place directly without holding any snap bar like in old snap trap.

For bait placing the metal pedal tripper is available.

​Pre-baited Cheese scented pedal trigger, hook and large trough are available for bait placement in this modern snap traps.

After the mice capture release is very tedious. Touch and release the captured mice.

​Just one click to release the capture mice.No need to touch and release the captured mice.

Advantages of snap traps:

  • Snap traps comes in both reusable and disposal way.
  • It suitable to place in outdoor and indoor.
  • Dead mice or rat can be visible.
  • Pre-baited cheese scented smell snap trap available.
  • No need of chemical and rat poison.
  • Killer bar which is effective to catch mice on snap trap.
  • It is an economical mouse trap.

Disadvantages of snap traps:

  • No indication on rat or mice kills.
  • Snap trap has ability to kill one mice at a time.
  • Reuse of snap trap after release the captured mice and cleaning is hassle.
  • So most of them go for disposal snap trap.
  • Occasionally it hurts the person while setting the trap, and also accidentally it hurts the human and pets when wrongly place in the pathway of human and pets.

Suitable placement of snap trap:

  • Keep the trap in kitchen room.
  • Backside of refrigerator.
  • Place near to kitchen sink.
  • Place the snap trap perpendicularly over the wall.

How to setup and bait the snap trap:

  • First take out the snap trap from the package and remove the staple that holds the arm bar in the wooden base by using the required tool.
  • Select the right bait for snap trap to get effective result.
  • On trap setup pull the snap bar or killer bar and hold it in the position, use your thumb by apply little force to hold in its position on back of the trap.
  • If you use the traditional snap trap which has metal pedal bait tripper you need to place the bait, suppose you use pre-baited cheese scented smell pedal no need to place the bait you go for direct placement.
  • On choosing the bait use the peanut butter, chocolate and cheese to place in the metal pedal of trap.
  • Place the snap trap in signs of mice or rat movement and other location like along the wall area. Place the bait placed metal tripper towards the wall.
  • After finishes the snap trap setup wait for mice or rat to get capture, when no mice or rat caught shift the snap trap on other location.
  • To get effective result of mice capture place fresh bait it is due to the bait smell act as lure attractant to contact the snap trap and caught.
  • Because snap trap comes in both reusable and disposal types.

Safety measures on handling the snap trap:

  • Be cautious on trap setup by avoid the accidental hurt by killer bar.
  • Place it in appropriate place and avoid the human and pets walking area to get hurts by accidentally stepping over the trap.
  • To ensure you safety health wear the rubber type hand gloves and mask to clean and disposal the dead rats or carcasses.
  • Dispose the carcasses in the bag and cover it to prevent the bad odor and also control of spreading germs, virus and bacteria.
  • Throw the covered dead mice or rats which is sealed into trash.
  • Remove your gloves and dispose it in trash can, wash your hands with soap and any other preventive spray for control the germs.
  • Another important thing to do is clean the surface of floor where the dead mice caught in the trap.
  • Collect the things included with dead mice such materials like soil and hair.
  • Completely clean the place using any disinfectant spray and to control the bad odor using odor remover.
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