How to Prevent Cluster Flies outside

Prevention is always better than cure - this not only applies to medical illness or disease but also when it comes to cluster flies!

This is a type of fly that will breed silently in your garden and then one day, the adults will fly right into your home, not in one and twos but an entire swarm of hundreds and maybe thousands.

You are probably wondering why the cluster fly would enter your home. They will enter your home for their need to hibernate during the winters.If your home has an attic then that would become their favorite place to hibernate.

If not, then you will find these Cluster flies in each and every nook, corner, or crack in your home and especially those near the doors and windows.

If your home has an attic then that would become their favorite place to hibernate. If not, then you will find these cluster flies in each and every nook, corner, or crack in your home and especially those near the doors and windows.

Hence, it becomes very important to ban their entry into your home. How do you do that? The simple truth is that you tackle with the menace outside your home by killing them and thus your can prevent the flies from entering the home.

In order to get rid of the cluster flies outside your home, you can use different types of insecticides or pesticides that are powerful and effective in wiping out the entire population.

There are some pesticides that are harmful to plants in your garden and some may be harmful to the good bacteria that thrive in the plants and soil.

At the same time, you can also use certain mechanical and organic products. So how do you choose the right product to prevent cluster flies outside?

These are three aspects that you need to consider while choosing the right product for outdoor use on cluster flies:

1. Composition of pesticide that prevents cluster flies

Composition is extremely important when it comes to using an insecticide or pesticide and needs to be considered even more if you have children or pets at home.

Pesticides like Penncap-M or methyl parathion and azinphos-methyl leave dangerous residue on plants and fruits, which when eaten or comes in contact with can prove to be extremely harmful for humans and animals.

On the other hand, if you use Cyfluthrin, Deltamethrin, or Permethrin based insecticides then the probability of health hazards would be minimal.

2. Type of usage

Do you need an insecticide to prevent infestation or cluster flies only or do you need to prevent other infestations as well?

For example, there are several pesticides that not only effectively kill cluster flies but also eliminate aphids, mosquitoes, and different species of ants and bugs. Hence, it is important to identify the use – singular use or multipurpose.

3. Type of product

Pesticides are not always the solution and if you have children and pets at home then you wouldn’t want to use chemicals.

In such a scenario, using mechanical products or organic products can do the job as effectively as chemicals.

Top 5 Products that will Prevent Cluster Flies outside

There are a variety of products available out there that will prevent cluster flies from entering your home. 

The most common and effective products are in the form of insecticides or pesticides and mechanical or electrical systems. Since there is a wide variety of products available, it will not be easy for you to choose the right one.

Hence, we have created a list of 5 products, which are the most effective in eliminating cluster flies outside your home.

1. Martin's Permethrin 10%

This is one of the top pesticides that you can use to eliminate cluster flies outside your home.

Martin's Permethrin 10% has been created for both indoor and outdoor use. It is a multi-purpose insecticide with the active component being Permethrin.

Permethrin belongs to the family of synthetic chemicals also known as pyrethroids and it acts as a neurotoxin. It is widely used in agriculture to eliminate livestock parasites and protect crops.

Martin's Permethrin 10% has an excellent residual activity for almost 28 days. The direction of use for Martin's Permethrin 10% is mixing 1 1/2 fl. oz. in 1 quart of water and then treating 400 linear feet using a 6-inch spray band.

Prevent cluster flies outside using Martin's Permethrin 10%

Things we liked

  • Apart from cluster flies, it can eliminate ants, brown dog ticks, armyworms, crickets, chinch bugs, fleas, cutworms, gnats, mole crickets, japanese beetle grubs, ticks carrying lyme disease, sod webworms, mosquitoes, and leafhoppers
  • It can be used in gardens and outside surface areas of buildings including window frames and porches

Things we didn't Like

  • It is harmful if inhaled, swallowed or absorbed through skin

2. Dyntrap Insect Trap

Dynatrap insect trap is one of the most advanced mechanisms for trapping a wide variety of insects and flies including cluster flies and mosquitoes.

The mechanism provides a 3-way protection plan for effective cluster fly elimination.

The first part of the protection plan deals with UV fluorescent bulbs producing warm light that attract cluster flies to the Dynatrap.

The second aspect is the titanium dioxide (TiO2) coating inside the Dynatrap, which produces carbon dioxide (CO2).

This is extremely irrestible to flies and mosquitos.

Dynatrap for preventing cluster flies outside

The third aspect deals with cluster flies and other insects being lured towards the powerful vacuum fan. This is where they are trapped and can be collected inside the retaining cage.

Dynatrap insect trap can protect your farm or garden from cluster flies up to ½ acre of area.

Things we liked

  • It is highly durable and works in all weather conditions
  • It is odor free and pesticide free
  • It operates quietly
  • It is pole mounted

Things we didn't Like

  • The product comes with a water collection tray and gathered water often attract egg laying insects or flies

3. D-Fense SC Deltamethrin Insecticide

If you are looking for an extremely powerful insecticide that will completely eliminate cluster flies then what you need is powerful suspended concentrate (SC) deltamethrin. 

The D-fense SC has been created specifically for insect control and elimination on residential and commercial turf.

The active ingredient in this pesticide is Deltamethrin, which is considered as one of the safest pesticides and belongs to the class of synthetic pyrethroids. One pint provides almost 16-32 gallons of cluster fly repellent solution.

insecticide that prevents cluster fly

The D-fense SC solution can be used for spot applications and cracks and crevices inside a home as well as outdoors.

Things we liked

  • It can be used in homes and other establishments as well as on landscape
  • It has a long lasting residual effect

Things we didn't Like

  • It can be harmful if inhaled

4. Taurus SC with 9.1 % Fipronil (Termidor SC Has 9.1 Fipronil)-78 Oz

New Taurus SC is a water-based suspension concentrate of 9.1% Fipronil that is used for pre and post pest control treatments to prevent flies like cluster flies outside.

Taurus SC is a non-repellent insecticide and can eliminate and exterminate workers and a colony of cluster flies and other annoying flies and pests in only a few weeks after applying.

It is strictly for outside use only

Taurus SC will last up to 5 years in an unopened bottle.

Once the bottle is opened then life expectancy of the bottle is about 1 to 2 years when stored in a cool dry area.

Though it is bit expensive, but when you want to get rid of cluster flies outside fast, this is the best spray to get rid of cluster flies outside

Taurus SC Kills Cluster flies outside

Things we liked

  • Better than paying for professional pest control service
  • Kills all the pests within weeks after spraying

Things we didn't Like

  • Expensive
  • Harmful when swallowed

5. Alpine Dust Insecticide - 8 oz.

Insecticide Dust is one of the potent dust insecticides.

It is made up of Dinotefuran - 0.25% and Diatomaceous Earth - 95.00% active ingredients. 

It covers a wide range of indoor and outdoor pest insects making it a must-have insecticide.

 To get rid of cluster flies as well as other pests such as bees, carpet beetles, roaches, fleas etc.

Alpine Dust Insecticide

Also, it acts as a non-repellent dust for ants, bed bugs and stinging insects

Be sure to keep this Alpine Dust insecticide out of children's reach.

Things we liked

  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor
  • Kills not just cluster flies but a wide range of pests

Things we didn't Like

  • Harmful when swallowed
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