8 Natural Ways to get rid of fleas on dogs, cats and in the house

Though fleas are small in size but the damage they do to your dog and cat is very huge. There are quite few effective ways to kill and get rid of those blood sucking fleas.

In this guide, we listed down the 7 best and effective natural ways that helps to get rid of fleas from your dogs and cats easily.

1. Coconut oil for flea bites (why?)

coconut oil for flea bites and treatment

Coconut oil is a natural and organic product and also it contains the lauric acid which performs as natural repellent to fleas and ticks. So that coconut oil is used.

Let’s move on how to use, pour some coconut oil in both of your hands and make a run on the beloved dog’s fur, like how you used any hair cream to your head.

Spread your fingers and rub the dog’s hair deep and do it again by adding oil to your hand till complete rub the entire dog body and also massage your pet dog skin and coat.

After completely finishing the coconut oil massage for your pet take a flea comb and run the comb on the dog fur after every time you see the fleas stick on the comb. Use this simple coconut oil method to getting rid of flea on outside because the fallen flea will jump back to your dog.

Don’t get any confusion or worry after apply the coconut oil on the dog fur, even if your beloved pets bite their own skin no problem will occur.

Because coconut oil is natural as well as nontoxic it will heals the wounds any happen and flea bite irritation. Even if pet licks coconut oil does not affect your pets.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar spray for fleas

Is Apple cider vinegar a natural flea killer?

No, Apple cider vinegar does not kill the fleas but when sprayed on flea infected pets it makes an uncomfortable environment for fleas to further live on. Both the smell and taste are awful to the fleas make them to leave.

Apple cider vinegar can be used as a prevention and control measure in guarding the pets from fleas along with flea medicines and treatment.

How to prepare Apple cider vinegar spray?

Mix the apple cider vinegar in the ratio of 1:1 with water and fill within a clean spray bottle.

By applying just spray as in the form of mist over the dog’s fur or coat before you allow the dog for outside walk.

Spray it carefully on the dog’s fur avoid spray on the eyes and nose of the dogs. After spray dog’s fur become acidic fleas don’t like acidic it does not able to stay on dog’s fur. Don’t spray on open wound it makes irritation to skin.

Even Apple cider vinegar is used to intake for dogs to keep PH value balanced.

Use the recommended level of Apple cider vinegar to dogs from one teaspoon to one tablespoon per dog based on the body weight is 50 pounds.

Always start with low amount of adding apple cider vinegar and then increase its good, mix with drinking water and eating food one time per day.

3. Flea collar

Using a dog flea collar is the best and easy way to get rid of fleas in dogs and also it acts as a natural flea repellent. first take a piece of cloth which is enough to round the dog’s neck with space enough when we tie the cloth in dog’s neck measure the cloth to make a own flea collar.

use an oil that repel fleas such as cedar and lavender oil pour few drops on the bowl mix with 3 tablespoon of water. Pick the mix using eye dropper and drop the cloth which we choose to tie on dog’s neck.

Watch the dog’s reaction is it like or not the smell of flea collar based on the dog’s behaviour after tie the flea collar on the neck. If the dog behaviour is natural leave the flea collar remain on the neck, if dog does not like the smell and looks uncomfortable after tie the collar remove and choose oil or reduce the oil mixture.

Fold and Roll the cloth and make it as a collar like structure and then drop the oil mix on collar which is better and tie the flea collar we designed and made for dog’s neck. It will be an effective flea repellent in dogs. After few hours the collar will dry the smell of oil will lost you can mix the same as we preferred before and drop it on the flea collar before tied.

4. Flea comb

A flea comb is the easiest and the instant way to get rid of fleas on dogs.

How it is instantly get rid of fleas?

It is possible because you can comb the dog’s hair any time whereas all other methodology is need preparation to get rid of fleas and require little time.

Use a flea comb follow some techniques to attain an effective result in get rid of fleas. Before combing the dog’s hair inspect the dog’s body by rub and move dog’s fur on your hand to identify any hair tangles and red spot or wounds.

Wear the hand gloves before comb the dog, if any tangles and red spots or wounds come in your vision.

Carefully comb on the area without hurt to the red spots or wound and detangle the hair. You can see the results of fleas in the flea comb.

After comb the dog’s body hair the flea comb brings out even eggs, larvae of fleas with the comb. So you can get rid of fleas instantly and naturally. If severe flea infestation occurred in the dogs means you need to consult with a vet.

5. Flea bath

To treat the dog for flea bath prepare the needed things such as take a half cut lime and squeeze it a bowl, pour 2 cups of fresh water and 1/4  cup of shampoo which is mild.

Before using the shampoo for flea bath, check whether it will suitable for your dogs or even consult with a pharmacist or vet is wise thing. Some of the pet friendly and mild dog shampoo are available choose it carefully.

Mix the preparation we made it previously that is half squeezed lime juice with 2 cups of clean as well fresh water along the 1/4 cup of mild or pet friendly shampoo in a bowl. Keep this mixture in bottle and use it for your dog for weekly once as pet bath.

All the measurements differ based on the dog’s size and age. Commonly people allow the dogs after flea bath for outdoor don’t do that, comb the dog and collect the fleas and dispose it in proper way. Dry the dog hair using towel and allow it to outdoor.

6. Boric acid powder

Apply the borax powder which is approved by EPA and also prefer wise choice by choosing the EPA labelled boric acid powder.

How it kills boric acid contains sodium salts which are stomach poison for insects when insects eat the boric acid powder.

Sprinkle the powder of boric in the carpet and also on the dust areas. When the borax powder feed by flea larvae already starving it will eat and die.

Whereas adult flea will not eat the borax powder it will live by feed on blood it does not eat borax powder. Then how it dies?, Boric acid powder act as dry the body of flea and leads to dehydration so that adult fleas are dead.

After few hours, use the vacuum to clean the entire area where you apply the boric acid powder. Because boric acid powder which will make irritation and May leads to problem when your pet dogs sniff or lick the boric acid powder.

Use dog muzzles to prevent the dogs for lick and sniff the boric acid powder.

7. Vacuum cleaner to clean the flea population

whatever methods to get rid of flea you have known or done is good but the clean environmental condition, which is far better so prevention is better than cure by the way maintain the environment in clean and good condition.

Use the vacuum cleaner and treat the pets living areas dog mat, beds and it shelter. And your environment like beds, curtains, furniture, rugs and mats.

Clean the floor using vacuum daily once and use pet vacuum to suck the hair fall and flea dirt also dispose the bag in proper way.

By proper vacuum in a certain cyclic periods it will protect the family, your pets and house from the flea infestation.

8. Diatomaceous Earth powder

Diatomaceous powder is another natural way to get rid of fleas in dogs on both internal and externally. It is nontoxic to pets, animals and humans, whereas it is deadly to the pest.

It eliminates not only fleas but it works on eliminating worms such as pinworms, roundworms and for more worm types.

Use the Diatomaceous earth powder food grade as feed to dog per day in the amount of one tablespoon of dogs over 55 pounds. For small puppies and small dogs feed one teaspoon per day.

Apply the Diatomaceous earth powder on the carpets, dog mats and beddings to kill the fleas. It will dehydrate and kill the fleas.

Using powder duster it is easy for hard to reach areas for sprinkle allow it for few hours and vacuum the entire powder sprinkle area to clean the environment.

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