Hot Shot No Mess Fogger with Odor Neutralizer Review

Do I really need a fogger? This is quite the common question that does the rounds in almost every household but did you know your home space is shared by several types of bugs, pests, and other insects?

Like it or not, bugs and pests, and a host of other creepy and crawling insects make their way into your house and stay put unless you use destroy and prevention methods to get rid of them and to ban there future entry into your home.

Some of the common pests that you may encounter include roaches, fleas, carpenter ants, brown dog ticks, gnats, mosquitoes, silverfish, rice weevils, palmeto bugs, and much more. This is why your home needs the Hot Shot no mess fogger with odor neutralizer, so that you don't have to share your home space with insects that can be quite the nuisance and are capable of causing diseases.

What is Hotshot Fogger with Odor Neutralizer?

You are probably wondering what this “Hotshot fogger” is. Is it an insect repellent or a pesticide? The Hot Shot® No-Mess! fogger with odour neutralizer is basically a total release aerosol insecticide that has been created specifically for indoor use in residential properties.

It is some thing same as that of flea fogger or mosquito fogger. But it kills more than just mosquitoes and fleas.

Hot Shot No Mess Fogger with Odor Neutralizer

It is being manufactured by Chemsico, which is a division of United Industries Corporation. It is based out of St. Louis, Missouri and is considered as one of the leading manufacturers of value-brand consumer products focusing on insect and weed control in the graden, lawn, and homes.

Hot Shot® is one of the brands that is quite popular amongst consumers when it comes to delivering exceptional value and high quality results.

Ingredients of Hot Shot no mess fogger

This is a highly effective fogger as it can help you to reach deeper into crevices, cracks, and deep and dark places where most bugs and insects normally hide.

What it kills?

The Hotshot Fogger with odor neutralizer kills a variety of household pests and that includes Brown Dog Ticks, Black Carpet Beetles, Crickets, Carpenter Ants, Firebrats, Earwigs, Gnats, Fleas, Houseflies, Palmetto Bugs, Mosquitoes, Rice Weevils, Pillbugs, Saw Toothed Grain Beetles, Roaches, Small Flying Moths, Silverfish, Waterbugs, and even Spiders.

Directions to use Hot shot fogger with odor neutralizer

Most people mistake it to be another spray can and use it just like a spray has to be used. Be careful! This is not a spray, it's a fogger that contains a lethal mix of insecticide and if not properly used, it can be harmful.

So how do you use the Hotshot Fogger with odor neutralizer? Let's take a look at a step-by-step process of using it.

Step#1: You need to open any and all drawers, cabinets, doors, cupboards, closets and remove clutter from any other area that needs to be treated.

Step#2: If you are planning to use the fogger in your kitchen then start by covering exposed food or utensils dishes, and even food-processing equipment. You can remove them from the area as well.

Step#3: The next step is to close windows and doors that exit out of the treatment area. It is important to switch off the air conditioner, fans and as well as smoke alarms.

Step#4: You are ready to start fogging.

Step#5: Tilt the spray can away from your face (most fogger cans spray upwards). Press the valve down thus hooking the catch. Note: Always SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING it!

Step#6: Set fogger on paper towels or newspapers and leave the area immediately. Note: Do not inhale any of the spray mist.


Storage and Disposal

Storage and disposal of the Hotshot Fogger with odor neutralizer is as important as knowing how to use it. It should ideally be stored in a cool and dry area, which should be away from open flame or heat.

Note: Ensure not to accidently puncture it or incinerate the can after use! It can cause harm!

If it is an empty can then dispose it off into your trash can or throw it in a bin that says "for recycling". If it is partly filled and you need to dispose off then it is recommended to call the local solid waste agency for instructions pertaining to disposal.

Safety and Precaution Measures

Yes, safety and precaution measures are important when applying the fogger. Some of the aspects to consider include:

  • Avoid any contact with skin or clothing.
  • If there has been contact with skin especially hand then wash thoroughly with soap and water
  • If there has been contact with clothing then take off contaminated clothing and put on clean wear.
  • Breathing the spray mist can be harmful. If inhaled it can cause aspiration pneumonia hazard.It contains a highly flammable ingredient and can cause fire or explosion if not handled properly.
  • Avoid mixing it with other chemicals.
  • Never store the fogger in temperatures exceeding 54°C/130°F.
  • Adults, children or pets should not be allowed to enter the treated area imeddiately after it has been used.
  • Call a Poison Control Center for advice on treatment if the mist is swallowed or goes into the eyes.

PROS and Cons:

Things we liked

  • It flushes out hidden bugs and kills them on contact
  • It kills both crawling and flying insects on contact
  • It is non-staining, doesn't leave any oily residue, and doesn't have any lingering odour
  • A single fogger can be used for treating 2,000 cubic feet of unobstructed space
  • It can keep killing bugs for a period of almost 6 weeks
  • It can easily be used in enclosed spaces including apartments, storage areas, trailors, garage, boat cabins, attics, and crawl spaces among others.

Things we didn't Like

  • It does not kill or control bed bugs
  • It is hazardous to humans and domestic animals

Final Vedict: Hot Shot No Mess fogger with odor neutralizer

Overall, Hot shot fogger is very handy fogger that comes with deep penetrating formula that is designed to reach hidden roaches, fleas, ants, spiders, water-bugs, crickets and other insects.

Hot Shot(R) No-Mess!(T-M) Fogger3 with Odor Neutralizer creates an extremely fine and dry penetrating fog that stays airborne and reaches deep into cracks, crevices and under furniture and appliances to flush out and kill hidden bugs on contact.

Hot Shot No Mess Fogger with Odor Neutralizer
  • Kills hidden bugs on contact
  • Deeper-reaching dry fog formula leaves no mess
  • Non-staining, leaves no lingering odor
  • Each can treats up to 2,000 cu ft
  • No need to turn off pilot lights
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