How to get rid of roaches with borax – A Complete Guide to eliminate roaches

Borax is a natural mineral that has various uses such as cleaning both household and commercial areas, laundry, washing dishes, gardening and more. Its other names are sodium borate, sodium tetraborate or disodium tetraborate.

With the harmful effects of commercially made pesticides, borax is one among the best alternatives to repel roaches and other insects or pests at home. Borax has a powerful preventive influence that kills most of the life stages of those little creatures.

Though it is a low-grade sort of pesticide, borax can still be dealt with proper care. This substance can cause irritation to the skin and annoyances to the respiratory tract when used in high concentration.

1. Determine Roaches’ Habitats and Food Sources

Inspect the areas where roaches possibly live and lay their eggs.

You should know first the potential habitats of roaches in your homes to have them eliminated effectively.

Roaches usually hide in dark and moist areas such as under the coaches, sink, dark sections of toilets and bathrooms, garbage bins especially where foods wastes are thrown, back of cabinets and more.

Roaches that are not viviparous or oviparous choose to leave their eggs on secured dark cracks of wood or cement. These pests are omnivorous, which means that they are in nature can be fed on anything.

Determine the areas for annoying smells.

Roaches have a distinct odor that gives us the idea and guide where they infested. This unpleasant smell is one feature other insect or pests do not possess. It is our benefit when we aim for destroying the roaches' zones of infestation.

Aside from dark areas, some roaches can fly, and they target high surfaces like the top of your cabinets, shelves and any places where they can be hardly caught.

Target any areas where roaches get their foods.

Roaches hang out in places where there are any supplies of foods and water. These are in your kitchen, sink, food waste disposal and water spillage areas. You should consider these sections among your important targets when repelling the pests.

Clean and dry out areas where food debris is thrown.

It is better to let female roaches stay in their usual habitats when you are about to apply the borax mixture or solution.

Therefore, make sure to keep areas free from any source of food for them not to have the chance of spreading their eggs. Clean well and dry out also wet areas so to deprive the pests of having any supply of nutrients.

2. Prepare the Borax Recipe to kill the roaches

Sugar is appealing to roaches due to its sweet taste. A mixture of borax and sugar is one best recipe to attract roaches and repel them effectively. Add an equal amount of borax and sugar together then mix well.

If you will not use the pesticide recipe right away, make sure to store it in a clean, dry and tightly sealed container to retain its quality and avoid moisture preventing the mixture from forming large chunks.

Label properly the container; let other people know that it is toxic. See to it that the storage area is away from the reach of children.

You can also mix borax with syrup or jelly. This mixture is another exciting meal and killer for roaches.

Since borax is easily dissolved in hot water, you may also prepare the pesticide recipe in a form of solution then store it in a bottle sprayer.

3. Apply the borax mixture or solution to target areas.

Borax can hydrate roaches and eventually kill them. Unlike the real pesticide, borax can destroy most of the life stages of roaches from eggs to adult. This is the reason why borax can act as a great pesticide repellant.

  • Detach covers of electrical outlets and sprinkle borax-sugar mixture at the inner areas. You may also spray the borax solution into narrow spaces and cracks where roaches live and breed. Apply it repeatedly to intoxicate well the infestation areas.
  • Treat potential areas with the mixture or solution. Avoid applying a large amount of the mixture, just scatter it out sparsely. The roaches will surely have the interest to consume all the particles since it is sweet due to the addition of sugar.
  • Once the roaches walk on the surfaces of treated areas, the borax will stick on them, and they tend to spread the killing strain from one another through physical contact. In this way, the toxic effect of borax easily diffuses even on hard to reach habitats of the pests.
  • Applying a vacuum is one effective way of extracting roaches' eggs from carpets or rugs. However, for long-term pests' elimination and killing of both eggs and larvae, sprinkle or spray the borax mixture or solution on the surfaces of carpet and rug.
  • To avoid members of the family and pets inhaled the borax particles; clean it using a vacuum after 30 minutes from application.
  • Though borax is considered as a low-grade pesticide and works slowly, it is still a highly effective roaches repellant, safer and affordable as well. It definitely eliminates insects or pests with a long term effect.

Just have the patient of reapplying it on the target areas, but before doing so, wipe the areas with a wet piece of cloth to have another batch of freshly sprayed pesticide.

Sweep out the borax particles before sprinkling and dusting again the potential areas.

Final Words

Roaches love to live in dark and moist areas. In short, on dirty sections of your homes so make sure to always clean those places. Cleaning is not an effective solution of driving pests at home, but in this way, you will have an idea where roaches live and lay their eggs.

Roaches and other insects or pests are an uncontrollable problem of every home. Fortunately, borax is a safe and effective pest repellant you can use and is one of the best alternatives pest foggers.

Aside from being unsafe to health, commercially produced pesticides cannot eliminate roaches permanently and those pests have always the chance of attacking again your homes.

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