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Fresh Crab Botanical Rodent Repellent Review:

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What is a fresh cab?

The fresh cab is a rodent and mice repellent made of natural blend ingredients of corn cobs plant cellulose fibre with a mixture of essential oils such as lavender, balsam fir, rosemary, cedar, lemon and orange.

It is also called as natural botanical rodent repellent that is packed in a pouch. Fresh cab botanical rodent repellent is the best solution available for those people who don't like to harm or kill the rodents.

It is used to control and get rid of rodent, rats and mice without using any mouse poison or rats.

Fresh Cab was invented by Kari Warberg Block in the 90’s after her farm was infested and damaged by rodents and mice. She is kind hearted and determined not to kill them using rat poison or mouse traps, but wanted the rats and rodents to be out of her farm.

She has decided to create a product that repels mice and rats away without posing any risk to humans results to the invention of fresh cab rodent repellent.

Why is it best for an animal lover?

Most of them repel the rodents like mice, squirrels, chipmunks and skunks by using mice trap and other poison methods to control them as well for repellent. After the fresh cab comes in a market the new method of repelling rodent, mice  and other pest becomes  effective using all natural based mouse repellent without any toxic.

Enough praise let’s move on to the review of fresh cab, It contain natural based ingredients and non-toxic which is for animal lovers its OK.

How does fresh cab rodent repellent works?

Fresh Cab pouches are made with a natural blend of plant fiber and botanical extracts that, while the scent of it may be pleasant for you, but it will offend rodents.

All you need is to simply place four pouches in your garage or other enclosed storage place to start controlling your mouse problem.

If it is used for preventative use in non-infested areas, then simply place one pouch for every 125 sq. feet, the scent lasts up to 90 days.

For use in currently infested areas, increase use to 1 pouch per 8 sq. feet of floor space and replace every 30 days.

Fresh Cab Pouch

One scent of this specially formulated fresh cab mouse repellent is enough to send rodents away.

How it differs from other repellent?

Fresh Cab naturally Repels Mice and Rats from Your House and Garage. It is made with 98% biodegradable natural ingredients which is safe to environment, your family and pets.

The fresh cab rodent repellent is the Effective Way to Naturally Rid Your Home of Mice and Rats. It works against all rodents, rats and mice. It is very safe to pace around where children and pets play.

Other methods to get rid of rats, mice and rodents using mouse bait or rat poison poses  health risks and safety threat to your family, pets and children. Also, you will have  to check often that mouse trap whether it has captured the rat or not.

The lasting protection depends upon the area where you placed and the air flow or circulation that flows and over the pouches. The fresh cab which release the pleasant or scent smell which will last quickly on high air flow and in open areas.

On enclosed area its effect of fresh scent smell remains long due to less air flow and the evaporation is reduced.The climatic condition like warmer period it evaporate and release high scent smell quickly compare to cool climates. It lasts up to 3 month.

Places where Fresh cab rodent repellent is suitable for

  • lIn Your Home
  • Around Your Home
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • On The Farm and garden
  • Cabins, Cottages & Storage Units
  • Apartments
  • Boats

It works for both the indoor and outdoor areas.

Increase the number of pouches by placing one pouch per 8 square foot in the floor around the rat infested areas. Replace after every one month.

Rodents like mice or rats which will damages the areas like attic, sheds, pantry, ceiling and cabin. Sometimes even the mice can enters boats, Research vehicle also show use this fresh cab mouse repellent pouches to get rid of rats or mouse.

Features of Fresh cab Rodent Repellent

  • No guilt - Wild house and field mice are repelled rather than killed
  • Non-toxic - Safe to use around kids and animals
  • No clean up required - Forget about removing mouse and rat carcasses and the nasty odors associated with them.
  • Easy to use - Simply place pouches in the affected area and rodents will flee
  • Biodegradable - Made from 98% bio-based natural ingredients

Activte ingredients

It contains natural blend ingredients of corn cobs plant cellulose fibre with a mixture of essential oils such as lavender, balsam fir, rosemary, cedar, lemon and orange.

​It is Made from 98% bio-based natural ingredients

Most common Questions asked on Fresh cab botanical rodent repellent

Does fresh cab work?

Yes Fresh cab definitely works of mice, rat, field mice and rodents. It does not harm any of the pest but it prevents them from entering your home, garage, garden and lawn. It is made with a mixture of essential oils such as lavender, balsam fir, rosemary, cedar, lemon and orange. It repels the mice and other pest away.

Where to buy fresh cab?

Personally, I used to buy Fresh cab repellent from Amazon. Click here to Buy fresh cab from Amazon. Amazon is my preferred choice as it is the trusted eCommerce site which deliver products hazzle free.

Does fresh cab works for mice?

Yes Fresh cab rodent repellent works on mice, rats and other rodents. It uses a natural blend of essential oils that are pleasant to humans but unpleasant to mice and rodents

How safe is fresh cab?

It is safe for both the children and the pet animals. Fresh cab is only natural pest repellent product approved to use for inside or indoor usage which is approved by federal EPA.

The botanical rodent repellent product comes with 100 day money back guarantee. It is made in USA product.

Storage and disposal of fresh cab?

Do not allow to contaminate with water and food which is by neither storage nor disposal.

For disposal purpose of fresh cab Use only non-refillable container and do not use reusable container.

Without delay dispose the used pouches in the trash which prevents from the hunger mice.

Pros and Cons of Fresh Cab Repellent

Things we liked

  • No need to handle any special things.
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Natural pest repellent
  • Fresh cab which is 98% biodegradable.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Free from traps and poison.
  • Easy ways to either control or repel rodents

Things we didn't Like

  • Not very effective in home or shed, when other smell dominates.

Common question is expiry date of fresh cab, it will work as long due to it is natural based product. Even though it works long when you place the pouches in the shelves like areas the estimated life span to be 3 years.

Other best indication is nose of yours which will show the signs of scent smell from pouches whether it is working or lost its effectiveness and then replace the pouches.

Final Verdict: Should You Buy Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent?

Yes, If you don't want to use the complex poisonous products to keep the rats, rodents and mice out of your home.

If killing is not required and safety is the concerning in getting rid of rodents and pest then you should buy and use it

Fresh cab botanical rodent repellent not only keeps the rodent away from your home and garage but also gives you refreshing scent which makes you feel fresh. 

Fresh Cab Botanical Rodent Repellent
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