2 Effective ways to kill rats and mice: (Mouse Traps and Rat poison)

Many of us want to kill the rats, rodents and mice when they invade your home, garden, garage or barn. Only few don't like to kill but repel them using natural rodent repellent sprays.

What are the reasons to kill rats?

To know the answers for this question follow us or if you already know the answer skip it and directly go for the effective methods and choose any one.

The most common reason to kill rats is infestation which it is spread the dangerous diseases.

Through the rat infestation the rat borne disease is spread over to the human, some of the diseases are rat fever caused by rat bite and also rat urine which is contaminated through water that leads to the disease name of Leptospirosis. plague which is deadly disease for humans which spread by rats.

9 Reasons to Kill Rats

  • In attic, it damages by chewing the insulated wires and chew the water pipes that will leaks the water it makes frustrated.
  • In the basement area the entry point for rats are drain pipes through it enters and make damages that leads to mess by any blocking or leaking drain flow.
  • Suppose if any entry visit made to your car by rats most time it bites and gnaw the car seats and damages. In Big car industry it damages the car seats and it loses of big amount of money to them.
  • It will damage the goods which are stored in garages by chew them.
  • In kitchen room it bites the refrigerator wires and chews the food items and feed the disease to you.
  • Mice can chew everything visible or cross across to his path in your house such items are wooden items, love able clothes, high valuable documents and your interested books.
  • According to the estimation the rats damages the grain producing crops of above 1 percentage. It has been varied in developed countries around 3 to 5 percentage in amount.
  • Rats are damages your garden by bite and breaks the plants and making the burrows in garden.

To protect our health and prevent the health risks as well in above section it explains detailed over reasons to kill the rats. There are two effective ways to kill

  • Mouse traps – Less Risk
  • Rat poison   –   High Risk

Mouse traps

one of the effective ways to kill mouse is by placing the mouse traps over appropriate roaming area of the rats, mice and rodents activities are seen.

Apart from placing the mousetrap, you will have to choose the type of rat traps which is perfectly matching and meeting your needs from that different types of mouse traps are available in the market.

Based on you mindset and feel over the animals pick the right mouse trap.

According to the mouse trap of view to kill the rats or mice it has been two styles they are snap and electric shock methods.

Snap trap

place the bait at the top surface of the trap of bait pedal when the rat or mice touches the bait gone by hard hit or snap. Drawback of this snap trap is mice dead you have to release the spring and dispose the mice, finally clean the snap trap which is messy.

snap trap comes in disposable and reusable even if you use disposable snap trap the blood stains of dead rats or mice which some time spread when the bar hits the rats. To clean this is very difficulty.

Electronic mouse traps

Electronic mouse trap is built using a technology that works by electric circuit sensor the rat senses the entry in to the trap. After entry of rodent into trap high voltage current passes over the rodent it will dead in less than 5 seconds of time.

The electronic mouse trap which has AA battery contains in it so it produced the current.

Advantages of electronic mouse traps

  • It is easy to dispose
  • No touch mouse traps because you need not touch the rats in your fingers
  • It is free from poison and also toxic free
  • It comes in with built in safety by protect the children and pets

Rat poison or mouse killer

Another effective way to kill rats are placing the bait which is poison mixed. Using rat poison we have to see how effectively it works and take an action over the elimination of rats as well reduce the rat population.

The rat poison which are in two types that

1.Anticoagulant rodenticides

2.Non Anticoagulant rodenticides.

Anticoagulants rodenticides – These types of mouse killer or rat poison which kills the rats slowly after the consume of this poison mixed mouse bait then the reaction starts the effect works on rat such as damage in blood vessels and the poison permeability raises and it leads to diffuse internal bleeding. It happens quite for few days finally the mouse found to be dead rats.

Most commonly use Anticoagulants rodenticides in the mouse baits are below, this are otherwise called as second generation poison Bromadiolone, Difethialone, Broadifacoum and Diphacinone

Non-Anticoagulant Rodenticides - This type of rat poison which is a single dose rodenticide that means it is enough to kill the mouse within a single feed of baits.

After the rat consume this poison mixed bait it kills the mouse by poisoning the central nervous system of the rat then the nerve cells which become enlarged which induce pressure in brain and finally it causes death to the mouse.

It is considered as high toxic rodenticide or high risk rat poison. One of the Non-Anticoagulant rat poison

High Toxic Ingredient used in mouse baits are Bromethalin which kills the rats within a single feed and it has no antidote so that it very high risk toxic mouse bait to use.

To use this high toxic bait use the proper mouse bait station which will save the pets and wild animals. Before use these rat poison keep the children and pets stay away from this. Use the proper bait station with proper safety measures.

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