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How to get rid of Roof Rats quickly?

It is enough pain dealing with rodents that build their nests on the ground. But what is more troubling is when you need to worry about rodents that are only comfortable with territories that are above ground. Talk about some unwelcome friends who love to spend most of their time in your attic – Roof […]

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How to eliminate dead mouse smell?

Mouse is a little rodent that can be so destructive and makes environment not conducive especially when they die in places not easily accessible to the home owner. Mice are attracted to homes because of the availability of food and warmth. If you notice holes on food bags left overnight either on the kitchen counter […]

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D-CON No View, No Touch Covered Mouse Trap Review

Product Features One of our most effective mouse traps in killing mice Discreet covered trap that conceals the dead mouse 100%. Safer than traditional mouse traps & much easier to use – just bait, twist and set! Safe around children & pets No messy cleanup. Just dispose of the entire trap. Ideal for: kitchens, bathrooms, […]

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8 Best Rat poison baits to get rid of rats quickly

Rat poison is the ultimate choice to get rid of rats when the infestation is more. But it is not easy to buy a good rat poison that effectively kills.So, What is the best rat poison that kills rats and mice ? With so many rat poison pellets and baits available in the market, we cannot […]

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Best mouse traps that works for home, Kitchen and Garage

As soon as you see mouse activities in your house, Mouse Trap is the first thing that comes to our mind to get rid of mice infestation in the home.You need to use the best mouse trap to catch mice especially when you have heavy mouse infestation problem in your house.If you decided to choose and ordinary […]

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Best mouse bait and mouse bait station Reviews

Mouse bait comes in handy to control the mice problem in home, basement, garage and farms. They are the best alternatives to the conventional glue stick mouse traps which are very inhumane and uncomfortable in disposing of the trapped mouse.Using the best mouse baits available in the market rats and mice can be eliminated without […]

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