10 Best Drain Cleaners for Toilets, Bathroom and Kitchen sinks

Drain Cleaner is an inevitable thing as the drains exist in each and every home and they can get clogged quite often as well. Clogging of drains can happen due to several reasons for example: bathroom drains can get clogged due to skin flakes, hair, and dirt among others.

Over a period of time, this accumulation can increase in size or become harder thus reducing water flow. Clogging of drains can also take place in the kitchen.

The sink is often known to get clogged by undissolved food particles or vegetables, discarded pieces of fruit etc. This is where drain cleaners come into play!

The primary objective of the chosen drain cleaners are to clean the clogged drain however you don’t have to look for separate drain cleaners for hair, showers, and bathroom sinks or drain cleaners for fruit flies.

Here is a list of 10 best drain cleaners that will not only help in unclogging drains but also ensure smooth flow of water. Each one is the best drain cleaner on the market that works for drains made with plastic pipes or steel pipes in kitchen sink, bathroom sink and toilets

1. Bio-clean Drain Septic Bacteria for Septic Tanks, Drain Lines, Litter Boxes

The first on the list of best drain cleaners for clogged drains is the Bio-clean Drain Cleaner.

So, what is really different about this drain cleaner?

This is a best clogged drain cleaner that is a blend of enzymes and bacteria. Bacteria as everyone is aware of are natural and not genetically-engineered and this makes them a really powerful cleaner.

The Bio-clean Drain Cleaner works by digesting any type of organic waste that may have found its way into your plumbing system and this includes hair, grease, food particles, soap scum, cotton, and paper, among others.

This drain cleaner can be used for both residential and commercial applications and guarantees up to 100 drain treatments.

It is completely natural and has been formulated specifically to bio-degrade the various types of organic waste existing in drain and sewer pipes.

A 2lb. container can treat 1,000 gallon septic tank and doesn't create any heat or fumes.

Bio Clean drain Cleaner

Things we liked

  • SAFE Bio-Clean contains no hazardous ingredients
  • It creates no heat, no boiling or dangerous fumes
  • 100% safe for people, pets and the environment

Things we didn't Like

  • Little Expensive

2. Thrift Drain Cleaner for drains, sewer lines, grease traps, and septic system

The Thrift drain cleaner has been created specifically for sluggish drains that suffer from a higher build-up of hair, grease, bath oils, and even soap scum.

This is definitely one of the best drain cleaners out there as it works really fast and can liquefy grease and hair within 60 seconds.

The Thrift drain cleaner has been made using a non-acid formula that doesn't harm plastic or metal pipes, chrome trim, porcelain, and polished brass among others.

It is an odorless drain cleaner that can be safely used in most lavatory and kitchen surfaces.

Thrift - Drain Cleaner

Things we liked

  • Highly Durable
  • Cleans out a drain line in less than 60 seconds
  • Safe to use on most kitchen or lavatory surfaces
  • Non-acid Pipe & Drain Cleaner

Things we didn't Like

  • Contains Choking hazard in Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
  • This drain cleaner contains sodium hydroxide, which can cause severe eye damage and skin burns if not used properly.

3. Professor Amos' Super-Fast Liquid Drain Cleaner - Dissolves hair, grease, food and Breaks through tough clogs

Professor Amos' super fast drain cleaner contains an accelerated formula that can power its way through grime and slime and it can dissolve clogs fast as well.

This drain cleaner has been created to help you get rid of oil, soap scum, hair etc., and it works extremely well on kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, and the shower drain as well.

Superfast Drain Cleaner

Professor Amos' super fast drain cleaner is available in the form of a heavy duty 32floz jar.

This is one of the best drain cleaners that is available in the form of a liquid solution and is perfect for newer apartments as well as older homes.

Things we liked

  • SuperFast drain cleaner is safe to use in all types of plumbing including PVC and copper pipes
  • No need for plunginga nd drain snakes. No need for plumbers
  • SuperFast drain cleaner is safe to use in public sewage systems, septic tanks, and cesspools
  • Works both for apartments and homes

Things we didn't Like

  • It can cause irritation in the eyes or skin if not used properly.

4. Pure Lye Drain Opener - Bead Size Drain Opener for washbasins, kitchen sinks and toilets

Pure Lye drain opener is considered as one of the best drain cleaners as it is a really powerful tool that has the ability to clear not only drains but also septic systems, grease traps, and roots.

It is an industrial-strength product that has been made using a non-acid formula, which ensures fast break-up leading to quickly clearing up clogged and slow-moving drains.

The ComStar Pure Lye drain opener is a bio-degradable product that is available in a 1lb jar.

The Pure Lye formula works rapidly as it is available in unique bead shape that sinks right at the bottom of standing water and start attacking the cause of the blockage.

It possesses the ability to dissolve hair, grease, and root growth within sewer lines effectively. If used on a regular basis, it will enhance the growth of bacteria in septic tanks, and grease traps.

Pure Lye to clean the drains

Things we liked

  • Industrial Strength and Biodegradable drain opener
  • Clears Out Drains and comes with Odorless Non-Acid Formula
  • Environmentally safe drain cleaner

Things we didn't Like

  • Cause skin and eye irritation and even possible chemical burns if not used properly

5. BAAM! Drain Blaster Cleaner Works on sinks, tubs, and toilets

There are several different ways of cleaning drains and BAAM! Drain blaster cleaner stands apart from the rest because it is a high pressure drain opener. This is considered as one of the best drain cleaners as all you need to blast out drain gunk is a few pumps.

The BAAM! drain blaster cleaner can take care of everyday problems like standing water in your kitchen sink, a clogged toilet, or even a slow shower drain.

BAMM Drain blaster

This high-pressure drain opener is available with two different types of adapter: small rubber adapter for small sinks and narrow pipes while the large rubber adapter is for drain openings larger than 1.5".

The drain blaster can generate up to 43 psi, which is good enough power for effectively unclogging drains, sinks, and toilets without the need for chemicals.

Things we liked

  • Works on sinks, tubs, and toilets.
  • Reusable, environmentally friendly, and easy to use.
  • No waiting for a plumber.
  • No chemicals.
  • Perfectly safe and environment friendly drain cleaner

Things we didn't Like

  • The rubber adapters may need to be changed after a few usages.

6. InVade Bio Drain Gel to eliminate tough grease and unpleasant drain odors

Talking of natural and environmentally safe products, the InVade bio drain gel is just what you need.

It is considered as one of the best drain cleaners as it is available in a formulation that combines citrus oil with premium microbes to eat through scum in the drains and also eliminate any unfavorable odors.

The InVade bio drain gel is another top liquid drain cleaner specialized probiotic drain cleaner that is available in a 1 Gallon bottle.

This environmentally safe drain cleaner can be used for both residential and commercial applications as its thickened formula can cling easily to the sides of drains and thus effectively remove scum.

It works effectively in beverage fountain drip tray lines and has the ability to eat away the “sugar snake” that normally clogs lines.

It doesn't contain any harsh chemicals or odors and can also be used through hose-end sprayers, power sprayers, and mopping applications.

Invade Bio Drain Cleaner

Things we liked

  • Does Not contain harsh chemicals or odors
  • Can apply directly to drains
  • Works great in beverage fountain drip tray lines, dissolve dirt at the clog lines

Things we didn't Like

  • Eye and skin contact can lead to severe irritation.

7. Plumb Clear  - Drain Cleaner & Septic Tank Treatment for Bathtub, Shower & Kitchen sinks

The Plumb Clear drain cleaner is certainly one of the best drain cleaners in the market today as it ensures you don't face the issue of slow drains.

If your kitchen sink is a nightmare then this is just the product you require as it contains safe and natural enzymes that can effectively unclog your kitchen sink.

This "Made in the USA" product is not just a drain cleaner but works really well as a highly specialized septic tank treatment.

The drain cleaner by PlumbClear is works effectively only when the powder is mixed with warm water and you have to let it sit for 2-4hours.

Plumb Clear - Drain cleaner for bathrooms

A single scoop of PlumbClear can treat as many as 5 kitchen sink drains, shower or tubs, and toilet drains.

Things we liked

  • Excellent Drain Opener with Safe Natural Enzymes to Clean Pipes
  • Stops Sewer Smell & Toilet Overflow
  • No more slow drains and back ups

Things we didn't Like

  • Eye contact can lead to severe irritation as it contains bacteria spores and enzymes.

8. WaterDrills Drain cleaner with 10-foot Drain Snake Pressure Washer to remove Hair Drain Clogs with Sink Faucet adapter

There is drain cleaners that are chemical based and then there is the WaterDrills drain opener.

Yes, it is different from the regular products for cleaning drains and is considered as one of the best drain cleaners as it is a pressure cleaner.

Water Drill pressure washer for drains

It can be easily attached to the faucet and has to be inserted down the drain. The moment you turn on water, it blasts through some of the toughest soap buildup and clogs.

The WaterDrills drain opener includes a 10 ft. hose and 3-in-1 universal faucet.

This powerful drain cleaner is environmentally friendly and doesn't require the use of chemicals to clear clogged drains.

Things we liked

  • Non toxic and chemical less drain opener
  • Clears clogged and slow drains using water pressure
  • 10 ft. hose and 3-in-1 universal faucet adapter is included
  • Self agitating nozzle cleans drain pipe walls for clog removal and prevention
  • Safe for all RVs, septic systems, and sink overflows
  • Great for hair clogs.

Things we didn't Like

  • 2 washers included in the product pack and they might require replacement after few usages

9. Drain Snake Cleaning Tool/Auger and Hair Drain Clog Remover - Perfect to Unclog Showers, Bathtubs & Sinks

If you have been looking for a drain cleaner that is easy to use and is not a chemical then the drain snake cleaning tool by Pipeline is just what you need.

It is one of the best drain cleaners because it is handheld. All you need to do is remove drain cover, insert the tool as far as possible and then twist it firmly to remove the clog.

Drain Snake

The drain snake cleaning tool by Pipeline is made of plastic and can be re-used. It is available in a Set of 8 tools that include 4 dark gray and 4 green tools

This simple yet effective drain cleaner is 20 inches long and the rod consists of angled teeth that is normally used for grabbing hold of any clog formed in the drains and then brings it to the surface.

It contains an easy to use handle and can effectively unclog any household drains including kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, shower and bathtub drains.

Things we liked

  • Unclogs most household drains: sinks, shower and bathtub drains
  • No bulky or expensive equipment or professional plumber fees
  • No chemicals required
  • 20 inches long - rod has angled teeth to grab hold of clog and bring it to the surface
  • Easily rinse off for re-use or simply discard after use

Things we didn't Like

  • It is meant for simple clogging of drains. It doesn’t work for hardened clogs.

10. General Pipe Cleaners Spin Thru Drain Auger to clean kitchen, bathroom surfaces, laundry tubs and other hard to reach drains

What makes the R-25SM Spin Thru Drain Auger one of the best drain cleaners out there?

This is a specialized drain auger that is also known as a plumber's snake and works effectively to dislodge clogs in your plumbing.

Drain auger

The R-25SM is normally used when it becomes difficult to remove clogs using a plunger.

The General Pipe Cleaners R-25SM Spin Thru Drain Auger consists of a coiled (helix-shaped) metal wire and you will need to turn a crank in order to rotate the helix, which essentially moves through the pipe. The tool comes with a 25-feet cable.

Things we liked

  • An easy to use drain auger that is versatile, economical, and environmentally friendly
  • Hand driven drain cleaner that has been created specifically to treat 1-1/4 to 2 inch drains
  • Comes with a convenient 'T' grip handle as well as a drive knob that ensures easy turning

Things we didn't Like

  • Once you use the whole length of the snake it can be quite difficult to put it back in the drum


These are some of the best drain cleaners available in the market, although, what you choose will depend purely on your need. The drain cleaners vary from environmentally safe technologies to chemical based compounds and even handheld devices.

Some are good for everyday clogs while others can be used for hardened clogs. Whatever, your choice is, this list is definitely worth a try!

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