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DEET Free Natural Insect Repellent Spray for kids and adults

Natural insect repellent spray is the best choice to over the house flies, chiggers, gnats and mosquitoes in your house. Apart from the primary aspect of repelling the insect, it should also ensure safety and wellness of your family and pet.In choosing the best natural insect repellent, we have extensively compared all in-demand brands on […]

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Best mouse traps that works for home, Kitchen and Garage

As soon as you see mouse activities in your house, Mouse Trap is the first thing that comes to our mind to get rid of mice infestation in the home.You need to use the best mouse trap to catch mice especially when you have heavy mouse infestation problem in your house.If you decided to choose and ordinary […]

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Best mouse bait and mouse bait station Reviews

Mouse bait comes in handy to control the mice problem in home, basement, garage and farms. They are the best alternatives to the conventional glue stick mouse traps which are very inhumane and uncomfortable in disposing of the trapped mouse. Using the best mouse baits available in the market rats and mice can be eliminated […]

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Sewer Flies: How to Get Rid of Sewer Flies?

What are sewer flies or drain flies or sewer gnats?Sewer flies or sewer gnats are also known as drain flies, drain gnats or Phorid flies. They did not get their names by accident. They are called “drain flies” because they breed and feed in the organic matters commonly found in the drains of your sink or bathroom.The adult […]

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12 Ways to Get rid gnats in plants

It is very unfortunate to see gnats in plants, especially when you see them on your favorite indoor plants.House plant gnats are commonly seen around indoor plants with high moisture content in the soil. These plant gnats or fungus gnats usually depend on the fungus that grows in the moist soil and consumes the fungus […]

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How to get rid of gnats in bathroom?

Gnats in Bathroom: This is the second largest source for gnats to multiply and increase the population with all the necessary conditions required to breed. Why do I have gnats in bathroomThe main reason to see gnats and drain flies in bathroom is the moisture and dampness around your bathtub and shower screen. Gnats required dampness and […]

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Gnat Bites: How to treat gnat bites?

There are many questions on gnat bites, how they bites? Do they really bite? What is the treatment for gnat bites? We have tried to bring all the questions related to gnat bites and provide answers to those questions asked frequently.Can gnats bite?Yes, gnats can bite and remember not all the gnats can bite.Do gnats […]

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Gnat Infestation in your kitchen and house

Gnat Infestation: Many are annoyed by little flying insects in their house, especially if they’re already in front of your face or flying around your food. These insects are small, usually long-legged, are considered as weak fliers and are called a gnat. These insects have many names like fungus gnats, vinegar flies or even fruit […]

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